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Meet Gina,

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     In 2007 a friend gave Gina a small palette of face paints.  She had fun painting her three kids, their friends and neighbors. There was no thought of painting for a living. 


     It wasn’t until her sister said “You are good, you should do that at birthday parties” did the idea of Face to Face immerge.  The name represents taking a ordinary face and transforming it into a extraordinary FACE!


     It didn’t take long before she had a real face painting kit that she took everywhere she and her kids went.  As she says, “having an idea for a business and having people willing to pay you for that idea are two different things.” 


     Now Face to Face serve all of Northern Colorado and are able to have a presence at multiple events on any given day, including Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Neighborhood Parties, Sporting Events, Festivals, Business Promotions, Corporate Events, and Private Sessions.

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